Susan Charkes
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Selected Writings


rooted2 book cover Rooted 2, an anthology of tree nonfiction, includes my essay, "The Power of Placement" (Outpost19, 2023)
sp. book cover Sp., a poetry chapbook (The Operating System, 2017) (or contact me to purchase a print copy)
Best Day Hikes Near Philadelphia book cover Best Day Hikes Near Philadelphia, 2d ed. (AMC Books, 2018)

The Wild Here and Now book cover The Wild Here and Now (Arboreality Press, 2013)

Outdoors With Kids Philadelphia book cover Outdoors With Kids - Philadelphia (AMC Books, 2013)

Land for Life book cover Co-editor, Land for Life, a Handbook on Caring for Natural Lands (Natural Lands Trust, 2d ed. 2014). (1st ed. published as Stewardship Handbook for Natural Lands in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 2009).

Business, Nonprofit and Educational Communication


  • "The Word Wrangler," in The Airgonaut, March 2023
  • "Fifty-fifty," Quantum Muse, May 2006

Selected Poems and Awards

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